Country Star’s Life Is Finally Saved After Being On Her Death Bed…Pray For Her Now

by Jake 0

Naomi Judd is most known for her work with her daughter, Wynonna. The two Judds became quick celebrities and country music legends through their collaboration. Together they released 7 studio albums and won countless awards. Naomi had to call her career short when she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. After that she has pursued writing, cooking, and many other careers. Throughout this process she has continued to write, and now she is releasing a tell all biography that reveals the horrors she went through.

The book is written by Marcia Wilkie and tells of Naomi’s history of sexual abuse as a child, psychiatric problems, drug abuse, drug poisoning, depression, panic attacks, and much more. “I wanted to be completely honest that if someone took out a gun and killed me on stage, they would be doing me a favor,” she writes. “But I didn’t. I was there to inspire them and I could not let them down. I gathered every ounce of strength I had, straightened my shoulders, adjusted my suit jacket, found the will to smile, and strode out on stage.”

Then she went a little deeper. “My story isn’t one of a victorious recovery from debilitating mental illness, but of a wary and humble gratitude for persevering through thirty terrifying months,” Judd said in a statement shared by Rolling Stone. “I’ve gained an appreciative hope and, in the past year, an ongoing purpose for living once more. And, because I have survived and found peace, I feel a responsibility, as a messenger, to share what brought me hope and what’s kept me alive.” Her story is sure to be inspirational, but it’s the other artists who are supporting her that really amazes me. Reba McEntire reached out to her immediately after she heard of the book’s planned release. Naomi said Reba has always known what I’ve been going through and that she was always ready to help. Will you buy the book?