Reba Is Holding A Grudge Against This Young Artist After Her Total Disrespect

by Jake 0

Recently Reba was on stage in Nashville for the Women in Music City Awards on Tuesday. There she decided to give some advice to her younger self and to all the young women out there. If there is anyone that they should be listening to it is Reba. She has been in the industry for 40 years and has remained one of the best in the business. Reba is country music and country music will lose something when she retires.

“If I could get my 21-year-old self to listen,” she said, “the No. 1 thing I would say is, ‘You are going to meet the most special people. Enjoy every second that you get to be in this beautiful city of Nashville, and this wonderful business called the music business.’” After this Reba gave praise to one of her favorite artists, Carrie Underwood. She praised Carrie for being an amazing woman, performer, and now mom. Reba says that having a family is easily the most important thing for a country woman to have.

She then went on and said, “If there was one thing I could say to young people coming up: know the history of country music,” she said. “You’ve let me be a part of this business for 40 years. Please don’t run me off now.” This was aimed directly at all of the young girls out there. It was said jokingly, but had some seriousness to it. There is one artist that Reba claims to have completely lost respect for. There is no real back story, but Reba says she really messed things up with her. That artist is Raelynn. Do you love Reba?