A Piece Of Elvis’ Legacy Is Doomed To Disappear Unless We Act Now!

by Jake 0

We all know that as the years go on an artist’s legacy is very hard to keep alive. So far there have been a few exceptions to this. Those artists are the Beatles, Elvis, and a few others that I will refrain from listing. In order to keep this legacy alive the manager of the estate must keep advertising and keeping them alive.

In a recent article in “The Tennessean,” it sounds as if the former Nashville-based home of Elvis’ manager, Col. Tom Parker, is at risk of being torn down to make room for – wait for it – a car wash. As many country fans know, Nashville has experienced quite a building boom as of late, and this location just might be another devastating sacrifice soon.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices. We all know that Graceland will never be touched, but this place may get torn down. It just makes sense since it is not directly Elvis’ property, Priscilla does not have full control over it.

Nashville hangs its hat on the fact that it’s Music City, USA,” said Robbie Jones, a board member with Historic Nashville Inc., to “The Tennessean.” “And if we keep tearing down our music landmarks, how much longer can we claim to be Music City, USA with a straight face? Until the wrecking ball’s out there actually knocking it down, we’ll never give up.” Should it get torn down?