Luke Bryan Loses His Cool Again…He Needs To Change His Ways

by Jake 0

It happened before the New Year when Luke Bryan was seen hitting a guest. Apparently the guest had said some terrible things and was being rough with those around him. Even with this Luke should not have laid his hands on the guy. It is a little bit much to do so.

Luke is usually level headed, but this time he lost. Well, Luke has lost again. Luckily he did not lose his cool while performing. Instead, he lost his cool while responding to some negative comments about his style.

An online heckler said, “It’s so cold in Nashville right now, I just saw Luke Bryan wearing an extra layer of yoga pants on his way to Zumba.” Luke Responded, “‪@NotKennyRogers‪ whoa. You really got me there big guy. Man I tell. That stings. Creative!!!‬” Honestly, the heckler’s line was more creative. 1 point to heckler.

It then continued, “To be clear, I don’t dislike you for your fashion sense. I dislike you for your horrible music.” Luke said, “‪@NotKennyRogers‪ i remember when music row used to talked about your post.‬” Again, heckler wins in the wit category. The last round? “remember when country music singers didn’t wear jorts.” Luke, “‪@NotKennyRogers‪ I think it’s funny how I’ve inadvertently waited 11 years to block you. Bye.‬” Luke wins the final round but lost to a heckler, again. Should Luke stop losing his cool?