Alan Jackson Has Lost The Love Of His Life…Pray For Him Now

by Jake 0

Alan Jackson has lost his first love ever. He has lost his mother, Mrs. Ruth Musick “Mama Ruth” Jackson. Alan said that his mother influenced his music career ten fold and often times convinced him to do certain albums. For instance, his Christmas album came to be per request from his mom.

Mrs. Jackson was born April 2, 1930, in Lowell, Ga. She married Joseph Eugene “Daddy Gene” Jackson in 1946 at the age of 16, and together they had five children — daughters Diane, Cathy, Carol, Connie and son Alan. The couple remained married until Eugene’s death in January of 2000.

Alan said that his mother was his biggest fan in the world and she would consistently make sure he was on track. She inspired his Precious Memories album, a collection of gospel hymns that was originally created as a Mother’s Day gift to her that he never intended to release commercially. Alan said he will miss his mother dearly.

She was the most amazing mother to one of the best musicians of our generation. Alan will be mourning for a week or two. He had to cancel a few appearances that he had planned, this is completely understandable. I know I would need weeks, maybe even months to mourn my mother’s loss. Will you pray for Alan?