Dale Jr. Has Failed Honeymoon That Could Go Down As The Worst One Ever

by Jake 0

Dale and his new wife were supposed to go on their honeymoon with all of their luggage. Instead, Delta airlines decided to lose his and his wife’s bags. They arrived at their destination with no bags, but they had each other.

“I can’t wait to see my luggage again! (at)Delta sent it on a personal trip of it’s own to get to our final destination. I hope,” Junior tweeted on Jan. 3. 2016 ended with a sour note for Dale, he officially was listed as inactive for the rest of the racing season. Hopefully 2017 will be much better for the driver.

“I wish I could return to the No. 88 team this season,” Earnhardt said when he officially shut it down in September. “To say I’m disappointed doesn’t begin to describe how I feel, but I know this is the right thing for my long-term health and career. I’m 100 percent focused on my recovery, and I will continue to follow everything the doctors tell me. They’re seeing good progress in my test results, and I’m feeling that progress physically. I plan to be healthy and ready to compete at Daytona in February. I’m working toward that.

“The support from both inside and outside the race team has been overwhelming. Everyone has been so encouraging and positive, from my teammates and sponsors to my family, friends and fans. It’s motivating and humbling at the same time.” Are you a fan of Dale’s?