Fans Are Pissed At Carrie For Her Risqué Behavior On The Red Carpet…Are You?

by Jake 0

To me Carrie Underwood looked like a million bucks on the red carpet last night. She blew me away with her amazing pink dress, but many people hate on the dress. They think it was too much for the amazing, humble, and beautiful singer.

The biggest negative about the dress was that it took away from Carrie. She seemed to be engulfed by the dress, when she should be breaking free of it. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest Carrie Revealed that her put together self was a front. In fact, her home life is a little disheveled recently.

“I feel like my house is a wreck, so I’m like, I’ve got to get this in order,” Carrie told E! Red Carpet host Ryan Seacrest. “Being home off the road, every time we go home for a little short 24, 48-hour stints, I just drop stuff off and leave again. And now I’m trying to make sense of life.” Carrie went on a massive World Wide tour this past year, and now it is time for her to relax.

Her husband is getting close to his break from work for a week, and then he has half of a season to go. Says Carrie, “I think I’m gonna enjoy a little time with my family and then start writing, maybe, and just seeing what I’m ready to do. I don’t know. There’s no real plans.” Are you a huge Carrie fan?