Keith Stunned And Disappointed After He Is Asked The Worst Question Of The Year

by Jake 0

The Golden Globes were last night and the star-studded event did not disappoint. Everyone came out looking fabulous as ever, but it was one question that got the entire Internet in a fuss. In my honest opinion the question was harmless and people are over reacting.

I’ll let you decide. Aside from chatting about Nicole’s role in the film “Lion” — which earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture — Jenna consulted Keith about Nicole’s stunning metallic Alexander McQueen gown. Jenna turned to the country crooner and asked, “Do you get the final approval of Nicole’s dresses?” Keith then responded with, “I get the first look, which feels just as good.”

This simple question got fans pissed off for some reason. I will show you some of the posts. “Asking Keith Urban if he gets “approval” of Nicole Kidman’s dress? please. She’s an adult woman. ‪#askhermore ‪#askhimmore ‪#stopitjennabush” Another, “Who, in 2017, asks Keith Urban if he gets final approval over Kidman’s dress? Are wives chattel again? I missed the memo.” Again, “ew at whoever this person is asking keith urban if he gets “final approval” of Nicole Kidman’s dresses ‪#goldenglobes”

A few more, “Jenna Bush Hager just asked Keith Urban if he gets the final approval of Nicole Kidman’s dress!!! WHAT?!” “Interviewer asked Keith Urban if he got final approval of Nicole Kidman’s dress- the casual ignorant sexism of that pains me ‪#goldenglobes” “Keith urban just got asked if he gets to make the final approval of Nicole’s dress…. it’s 2016 people. Men. Don’t. Control. Everything.” This is ridiculous. It was a simple question asking him if he had a say in the dress she chose. She was not being sexist. She was not being derogatory towards women. She asked a simple question. What do you think?