Joey’s Eldest Daughter Is Dedicating Her Life To Jesus In The Most Amazing Way…God Bless

by Jake 0

Heidi Feek is Joey and Rory’s daughter from Rory’s first marriage. Heidi and Hopie are the two daughters that traveled around with their father as he tried to make it as a songwriter. Well, he made it and his musical love and talent wore off onto his daughters. Her musical style may not be the same, but Heidi knows Jesus will always help.

Heidi said that she will 100% do a hymns album for her late mother. She knows how much that would have meant to her, and so she will record one. It will come after Heidi becomes more popular so more people hear the songs of God. Until then Heidi is doing her own thing in music.

Her style is nowhere near that of her parents’. Instead, she has a more modern outlook on music and loves the trans/synth sounding music. It is electronic, but she does it tastefully. She released her debut album in 2013, but has remained quiet since then. Well, she revealed a music video recently and it is amazing!

After seeing the beauty of her videos for “Heartbreak Hotel” and “My Rifle, My Pony, and Me,” we can’t wait to see what Heidi’s newest video looks like. We also can’t wait to hear her new song! It’s been far too long!
Tune in below to watch Heidi’s chilling rendition of “Heartbreak Hotel,” made famous by one of her biggest influences, Elvis Presley. Do you love this?