Travis Tritt At War With Her After Outrageous Speech Infuriates Millions Of Fans

by Jake 0

It seems like everyone has a voice in politics these days, but politics has become too much about a popularity contest. It is no longer about issues, or problems. It is about whom can be the loudest, proudest, and least hated. This is not thanks to the media and the candidates.

The recent Golden Globe Awards filmed on January 8th was no exception to politics. Meryl Streep, one of the greatest actresses of all time, received the Cecil B. DeMille Award. During her acceptance speech she decided to call out President Trump over his intimidation of a disabled reporter. Needless to say people decided to talk about the speech.

This included Travis Tritt. He was outraged. “Advice to all actors, musicians and entertainers: Please stick to your crafts that we all love you for and drop the political rhetoric. If you have fans who respect your talent enough to spend hard earned money to see your talent, be thankful and gracious and leave it at that”

A few fans responded, “‪@Travistritt‪ sorry have to disagree everyone is allowed to have an opinion and you are allowed to disagree.‬” “‪@Travistritt‪ I agree and If I pay to go to a show I expect to get what I pay for, their performance not their political views!!!‬” What do you think she should have done?