Massive Leak Puts Reba In The Hot Seat…Will She Survive The Grilling?

by Jake 0

Ever since her divorce Reba McEntire has decided to take her career into her own hands. She has been making huge changes to her image, brand, and self. One of her newest ventures is a full home décor line at Cracker Barrel. The two companies teamed up to create one of the best Home Good lines in the south as of recent years.

Reba is now her own manager after separating from her ex. She has signed a contract with Caesars Palace in Vegas to make her show the longest running show in Vegas’ history. Beyond music she has also done something brand new to her. She will be the lead actress in a Soap Opera in 2017 and 18.

Without her approval details of the show were leaked which put Reba on the hot seat to make comments. She has yet to respond to any of the questions. “I am thrilled to be coming back home to ABC,” Creator Marc Cherry said. “What makes it all the sweeter is Reba McEntire is coming with me. And we can’t wait to share with our fans this wonderful Southern Gothic soap opera we’ve been cooking up for them.”

The network revealed that Ruby will be introducing her “Southern Gothic community” to this yet-unnamed FBI agent, adding that viewers will meet an “assortment of bizarre characters, each with a secret of their own.” Ruby, Reba, is a detective investigating a crime with an FBI agent. Throughout the investigation her conservative values will constantly be challenged. Will you be watching the show?