Overwhelming Addiction Almost Ended Her Life, Then Something Miraculous Happened…God Bless

by Jake 0

Lulu Roman was a long time member on the extremely popular variety show, Hee Haw. She looked like the success story of her generation. She had unbelievable comedic timing. Her humor was spot on mocking herself, her weight, and her life. One thing that wasn’t well known was her life as an orphan.

This truly affected her and it caused her serious addiction issues. “You think you don’t have very many memories of a childhood, but I have vivid memories of September 10, 1950. That was the day I was dropped in an orphans’ home.” “You stayed until you either were adopted, or your parents or your family came to retrieve you. Mine never did, and I never got adopted. They didn’t adopt fat kids.”

According to Godupdate, “I learned very early on that I could use a quick wit that the Lord had given me to have people laugh with me instead of at me.”
It was Lulu’s ability to make people laugh that caught the attention of country star and Hee Haw host, Buck Owens. He got her an audition and the Dallas girl was soon on her way to Hollywood!
“They put me on a big jet plane, and they flew me to Hollywood, CA. Took me to CBS television studios. The first person I saw was Carol Burnette. I’ll never forget as long as I live. She met us in the hall and said, ‘Shut your mouth, child. You’re fixin’ to be one of us.’”

The turing point came after a possession arrest and Lulu ran into Diane. “She wanted to tell me about Jesus. The first thing I wanted to do was say, ‘Don’t try to come at me with that. You grew up in the same place I did. Don’t even try it.’ She said, ‘Louise, just listen to me. Let me tell you that Jesus is real. Let me tell you how He’s changed my life.’” Now Lulu dedicated her life to Jesus. Are you a soldier for him?